Harvest & Logistics

The particular challenge in the fresh plants business is maintaining quality during harvest, storage and transport. HEGO has the necessary know-how on how fresh plants can be delivered to the customer in excellent quality. Starting with the determination of the optimal harvest date, to ensure the ideal degree of ripeness of the plant, to the choice of the suitable packaging material, HEGO is the specialist for fresh plants.

Wild collection and cultivation

The organization of sustainable wild collection in northern Rhineland-Palatinate requires the cooperation and approval of the responsible nature conservation authority. Official requirements and regular training of the freelance collectors ensure the sustainability of wild collection. The plants that are not specially protected are removed carefully so that the population is not endangered and a new harvest is possible in the next annual vegetation period. The harvest is often done by hand using simple tools such as sickles and knives. Sorting out weeds and unwanted plant parts is particularly important.

In the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, careful use of the environment is particularly important. The use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides should be avoided if possible. The use of genetically modified plant material (GMO) is excluded. HEGO ensures that its cultivation partners adhere to these and many other quality criteria.

Storage and transportation

In order to achieve large harvest volumes, it may be necessary to store the plants. HEGO has the specialist knowledge of how fresh plants can be kept fresh for several days. Optimal storage conditions such as low temperatures and low pressure on the plant are decisive for this.
In addition to storage, a high level of experience is also required when transporting the medicinal herbs in order to ensure the quality. HEGO delivers a large number of medicinal herbs to customers itself or organizes the trouble-free logistical process together with regional logistics providers. Temperature-controlled transports can be carried out at the customer's request.