Sustainable handling of its environment is of the utmost importance to HEGO. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of understanding the social, economic and ecological effects of our actions and advocating more sustainability.


As hunters and gatherers, humans have always used natural resources. The knowledge about the healing and health-promoting effects of medicinal herbs has been passed on over countless generations. Humanity always lives in symbiosis with its environment.
With sustainable wild collection, HEGO uses nature's treasures consciously and carefully. With our motto “We bring you the treasures of nature!” We want to express exactly this.
In contrast to agriculture, no poisons or other chemical substances are used in sustainable wild collection. There is no more environmentally friendly intervention in nature than sustainable wild collection.

Sustainable wild collection

Sustainable wild collection is based on the fact that never a larger amount of plant material may be removed than it poses a threat to the respective ecosystem. The populations of a species should be able to recover as quickly as possible. In concrete terms, this means that in some cases only a certain percentage of plants may be removed from a collection area.
It must be ensured that human intervention in nature does not endanger the plant at the location. HEGO is particularly careful about sustainable wild collection because, as a company steeped in tradition, it wants to work with nature over the long term. Looted collection, which is only aimed at short-term, one-off profit, is not supported by HEGO.

Fair wages

It is important to us to fairly reward the often physically demanding work. In the field of wild collection, HEGO therefore relies on fixed purchase prices based on weight. Depending on the circumstances of the harvest (development of the plant, negative weather influences, ...), the purchase price can increase due to a bonus. We are in dialogue with the freelance collectors and always try to find a common solution.

Species protection

Species protection plays a central role in HEGO's business area. In view of the unprecedented global extinction of species, we are called upon to handle all natural goods with care. This means abandoning the wild collection of species-protected plants. Even endangered species that are on the so-called “Red List of Threatened Species” are only removed to a very limited extent and subject to strict official requirements.


The company HEGO would like to take responsibility for our society in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We would like to make our contribution to a more ecological future with a large number of small and large projects.