HEGO wants to take on corporate responsibility for people and the environment. That is why HEGO regularly supports regional projects that aim to contribute to more environmental protection.

Wildflower meadows

Since 2019, HEGO has planted wildflower meadows on its own land in the Hunsrück. With a professional wild seed mix it has been possible to create a species-rich paradise for bees and insects. More than 50 different wildflower species have settled on the areas. The great advantage of this biodiversity is that several species are in bloom almost every season. Thus, wild bees and other insects always find food in the form of flower nectar. HEGO is planning to expand this project to include more areas.

Reforestation project "Bucher Wald"

As a user of the regional forests in the Hunsrück, HEGO sees itself as responsible for their preservation. The effects of climate change combined with pests such as the bark beetle have caused enormous damage. Many areas in the forest are threatened with permanent deforestation if no afforestation is undertaken. Together with the local community of Buch and the responsible community forester, HEGO has therefore launched a project to reforest the cleared forest areas. Financial support in particular made an important contribution to the preservation of our local forests.

Insect hotel

Biodiversity is to be promoted with the construction of a large “insect hotel” in a field of HEGO. Various insect species and wild bees can find shelter in the wooden box filled with straw, spruce cones and tree bark. The insect hotel thus offers an alternative to the increasingly scarce natural habitats for insects.

Social projects

A large number of smaller projects deal with social issues. HEGO supports several initiatives and associations.
In addition, HEGO would like to sensitize society to a respectful treatment of nature. With the foundation of a small resting place made of Hunsrück slate rock in the Buch forest, a special place for hikers was created.