Quality Control

In order to always be able to meet the high-quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, HEGO has committed itself to ensuring the quality of the products. Compliance with the GACP guidelines is just as important as the documentation of wild collection and the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Quality control
All harvested plants are subject to a quality control, which aims to determine the identity and health of the plant. In practice, this means that employees with decades of experience in handling medicinal herbs carry out a visual inspection and approve the goods for dispatch.

Collector training
HEGO regularly trains collectors with regard to official requirements, collection techniques, hygiene and many other topics. In this way, the freelance collectors are continuously updated and the quality of the harvest is ensured.

HEGO is in constant exchange with experts in the field of medicinal plants and is informed about the latest scientific information. In addition, the specialist knowledge of foresters is used, for example, on current topics such as ash dieback or climatic changes in the forest.

A large number of documentation options (proof of origin, area declarations, harvest log, batch proof, ...) can be created by HEGO on request. A prompt fulfillment of documentation tasks is given.

A particular strength of HEGO is the flexible adaptation of the harvest to the wishes of the customer. It goes without saying that the collection and cultivation of medicinal herbs depends on many external factors (weather, availability of the plant, ...). Nevertheless, HEGO offers adaptable solutions for the delivery of goods. The harvest also takes place on weekends and delivery is also possible at night. This enables the time between harvest and processing to be reduced to a minimum. This ensures the high quality of perishable fresh plants in particular.