Doing business with medicinal herbs requires a great deal of specialist knowledge, which should be passed on over generations. Since this is understood as the basis for the business activities of the Gorges family, the transfer of knowledge about medicinal herbs, collection locations and techniques has top priority. It is in the tradition of HEGO to deal carefully with natural resources and to respond to changes in nature and society and to accept the changing times as an opportunity.

Business formation and move

The company HEGO was founded by Franz Gorges in 1954. As a child, Franz Gorges had already collected medicinal herbs, mushrooms and bark, dried them and sold them in his parents' grocery store. After the grocery store was closed, the new headquarters were built in Buch in the 1960s. The business with the wild collection of medicinal plants grew strongly.

From 1980 onwards, traditional medicinal herbs such as hawthorn, nettle and fireweed were harvested in large quantities. An extensive network of collectors from the region carried out the wild collection and brought the medicinal herbs to the company.
In 1994 Franz Gorges passed the management on to his youngest son, Hans-Jürgen Gorges. He continues the company together with Marianne Gorges.

Expansion of the business units

Since 2000, HEGO has been regularly audited by the control institute LACON GmbH and is certified organic. Most of the medicinal herbs have been sold in organic quality since then.
At the beginning of the 2000s, the business units of the HEGO company were expanded. In addition to wild collection, there was an increasing focus on the wholesale of medicinal herbs from German and European cultivation. With a constantly growing network of growers, importers and exporters, it is possible to provide a large number of medicinal plants for the European market.
The company's 50th anniversary was extensively celebrated in the hall building, which was newly built in 2004.
Since the change of name in 2009, the managing directors of HEGO Heilkräuter Gorges GmbH & Co.KG are Hans-Jürgen Gorges and Marianne Gorges.

Next Generation

It is the declared goal to pass on the parents' specialist knowledge to the next generation and to continue the HEGO company on a sustainable, long-term growth path. The sons Lukas and Torsten Gorges are employed by the company and have been taught their parents and grandparents' knowledge since childhood. Together, the tradition of the family business is to be preserved while still creating space for progress.